Libby's Workout of the Month #1

Nice arms Libby

Meet Libby. She is our resident personal trainer operating out of HPC Bulleen @ Bulleen Health & Fitness. Each month or so we will be putting up one of her favourite workouts. Many of them aren't for the feint hearted. Good luck and enjoy!

For anyone that would like to organise a session with Libby, you can contact her via

Here is the first of her killer leg workouts:

Warmup: 10mins spin bike/treadmill/crosstrainer (your choice)

Squats: 12-10-8-6

Single Leg extensions-(7 each leg then 7 doubles superset into walking lunges 16 steps) x 3

Single Leg explosive 90degree leg press(8 each leg) superset into 10 box jumps X3

Stiff leg dead lifts 10-8-6

Split squat 3x6 each leg

Calf raise x 10 in hack squat machine superset into Hack Squat x 8 with pause at bottom x3

Jumping lunge into Jump squat 30-20-10

If you can walk after this you’re doing very well!

  • April 30, 2014