Matt Barton to take on Asia

Matt Barton on his moto3 machine

Matt Barton is a young Moto 3 rider who we are also proud to have in team Fitmoto. Below is an article written about him to be featured in a newspaper and online.

Matt Barton was set for a competitive season in the Malaysian Supers Series, Malaysia’s most prestigious road racing championship, in the lightweight Moto3 (250cc) Class but After a disaster at round 1 of the Australian Moto3 championship left Matt with a Broken pelvis and things looked dim for making it to the first round of the 4 round championship at Sepang International Circuit.
A freak brake failure in morning warm-up at Round 1 of the Australian Moto3 Championship in Brisbane, Queensland sent Matt heading towards the tire wall at 180km an hour with the impact knocking Matt unconscious and doing major damage on the bike making it impossible to repair in time for round 1 in Malaysia due to the time and financial restraints.

“I was really disappointed as we had had such a good start to the weekend, with 2 second places and leading the round on points going into the final day of racing.” Matt said, “And I’m also really disappointed as this means the bike will not be ready to ship out for Round 1 in Malaysia. So the hopes of a good result in the season over there are shot as well”

On explaining the situation to a contact in Malaysia, Matt was then offered a ride with the PMU Thunder Asia Team a very well developed, influential, and competitive team aboard their Honda NSF Moto3 machine.

The second problem was Matt’s fitness, after sustaining such a serious injury it would be a high expectation to race 6 weeks after the horrific accident.

“I’m really humble to be offered a ride with such a professional team and I look forward to working with such a well regarded unit. Straight away after the injury my trainers and physio, James Telford, and I have been working really hard to not only maintain my level of fitness but to promote the recovery. So I can get back on the bike as soon as possible, so for me to be in a position to ride is a real credit to HPC Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries and the team at Bulleen Health and fitness.”
“I’m actually feeling really confident coming into the event so it should be a lot fun and a great experience”
Matt fly’s out on Thursday to meet with the team and begin preparations for the weekend Competing.
You can follow Matt’s progress over the coming week leading up to the event on his facebook page; Matt Barton Racing, and Instagram feed @mattbarton24.

  • May 14, 2014