Jed metcher at the RMH

Jed one of our HPC sponsored athletes, came up over a crest at Broadford raceway in the warmup lap in the 3rd race on 28/3/14 where an unfortunate series of events led to his bike cartwheeling and Jed being seriously injured. He was admitted to the Royal Melbourne Hospital where he underwent surgery to repair the calf laceration and will soon go back under the knife to have the foot repaired once the swelling has subsided satisfactorily.

Jeds injuries include:
-Fractured mid-shaft fibular
-5 fractures in the foot (including a lis franc #)
-severe laceration to the L) calf

The road to recovery will be a long challenging one. We will be working tirelessly with the rest of the Fitmoto crew (Stephen Mion and Dave Rossiani) to get Jed back on the bike and on the front row ASAP.

Updates on Jed’s rehab will be posted weekly along with his training schedule so everyone can see just how hard he is working off the bike. If you want to find out more about Jed and his racing please visit his facebook (www.facebook.com/jedmetcherfanpage) page and give it a like! Using instagram, facebook and twitter you can also follow his progress by using the #jedsrehab14


  • April 16, 2014