#jedsrehab2014 Part 2

Jed Metcher on the Krank cycle

As some of you may remember we have been working very closely with Jed Metcher who races in the world superbikes post his crash while racing 8 weeks ago. So we thought we would bring you a quick insight on how he is progressing and what a normal day in the life of an elite athlete working towards returning at the top of his game rather than working back up to it. So we asked Jed to write up a quick article in his own words.

“A normal day of recovery eight weeks post injury consists of a good consistent diet as the level of cardiovascular training that I am able to sustain has dropped significantly.

Most importantly a visit to HPC’s expert physiotherapist James Telford to help accelerate recovery and maintain many issues such as, joint mobility, muscle scar tissue tightness……

The biggest challenge we face is maintaining muscle strength in the injured leg as best we can. The options are very limited but the use of elastic bands and normal functional movements with the left leg we are maintaining the level of strength post-surgery. Next objective is to maintain strength and fitness using all the techniques that don’t require weight bearing on my left foot.

Currently our main focus is to increase my core and upper body strength to help reduce the forces for the initial outings back on the bike when the time comes. The Krank cycle piece of equipment has been my main source of high intensity training which we have found very effective. When the time comes to start weight bearing on the injured leg we will attempt to bring its strength back to the level it was at previous to the injury as quickly as possible without causing pain from over loading.”

Jed is making fantastic progress and hopes to be back on the bike within the next 2-4 weeks. We will keep you posted about his much anticipated return to 2 wheels. The next phase of rehabilitation once given the all clear from the brilliant Mr Andrew Oppy, will involve retraining his gait and improving the strength of his left leg as quickly as possible.

  • May 28, 2014